What is the Difference between the Islands Trust Conservancy and the Islands Trust?

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The Islands Trust Conservancy is a land trust. We protect habitat by owning and stewarding nature reserves, and working with private landowners to protect habitat with conservation covenants. The Islands Trust is a federation of local governments that undertake land use planning and regulate development in the Trust area.

The Islands Trust Conservancy was established by the same legislation that governs the Islands Trust (the Islands Trust Act). The Province of British Columbia created the Islands Trust Conservancy to support the mandate of the Islands Trust - to preserve and protect the Trust Area and environment. However, the Island Trust Conservancy board is legally independent from the Islands Trust and our region's local governments. The land and money donated to the Islands Trust Conservancy is owned and managed by the land trust, not the regulatory body. 

The Islands Trust Conservancy is fortunate to receive funding from the Islands Trust. This funding covers our operating expenses (outside of acquisitions and special projects). This means every dollar you donate to the Islands Trust Conservancy is free to be used to acquire and protect land. Your support achieves direct conservation successes.

Islands Trust Conservancy activities

  • Receive land and cash donations for conservation
  • Protect nature reserves
  • Accept conservation covenants
  • Administer NAPTEP (the Natural Area Protection Tax  Exemption Program)
  • Support the network of island conservanices in the Trust area
  • Coordinate stewardship education projects

 Islands Trust activities

  • Land use planning (rezoning, development permits, development variances, temporary use permits, etc.)
  • Official community planning
  • Trust area issues advocacy (e.g. ferry service, derelict vessels, oil tanker traffic, etc.)



 To learn more about the Islands Trust visit their website 

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