What is the difference between the Islands Trust Fund / Trust Fund Board and the Islands Trust Conservancy?

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There is no difference! The Islands Trust Conservancy is the new name for the former Islands Trust Fund and the Trust Fund Board.

On May 31, 2018, the former Islands Trust Fund and Trust Fund Board legally became the Islands Trust Conservancy through a requested amendment to the Islands Trust Act to change our name. The name maintains our link to the Islands Trust, yet much more accurately describes our work to preserve and protect the unique environments of the Islands Trust Area.

The name change request was made because for many years, the Conservancy has been concerned that the previous name was a barrier to effective communication and fundraising. With the "Fund" in our former name, there was a common misconception that we are a financial institution or bank.  The Islands Trust Conservancy holds money and land for the sole purpose of ecosystem conservation, and must fundraise for projects like any other land trust.

Moving forward, transitional provisions ensure the legal continuity of the Islands Trust Fund and Trust Fund Board in all operations. All of our content will be updated to reflect the name change.

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