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Who we are

The Islands Trust Conservancy is the conservation land trust for islands in the Salish Sea. We empower property owners to protect private land with innovative programs. Islanders are confident entrusting the Islands Trust Conservancy with the protection of their land, knowing that we can deliver on our promise to protect in perpetuity.

Why we're here

The Islands Trust Area - Salish Sea - holds some of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada. Iconic landscapes found in the islands, including arbutus woodlands and Garry oak meadows, provide sanctuary to more than 100 species-at-risk.
The islands face significant development pressure. The region's mild weather and stunning scenery draw new residents and visitors to the islands and surrounding urban areas each year. We need to plan carefully to make sure we don't harm the islands' sensitive ecosystems, destroying the very landscape we love.
The Province of British Columbia created the Islands Trust Conservancy in 1990 to protect land in nature reserves, in an effort to preserve the region's ecosystems. Since then, we've expanded the ways we're protecting our region. We are:
       •   working with landowners to protect ecosystems on private property,
       •   building a strong conservation alliance by supporting local island conservancies, and
       •   demonstrating the highest standards of stewardship in our nature reserves.

Our relationship with the Islands Trust

The Islands Trust and Islands Trust Conservancy were established by the same legislation - the Islands Trust Act. The Islands Trust is a federation of local governments planning land use and regulating development in the Trust Area.  Though the purpose of the two organizations is the same - to preserve and protect the Trust Area and environment -we accomplish that purpose in different ways. The Islands Trust is a regulatory body; the Islands Trust Conservancy is a conservation land trust, protecting land through voluntary measures.
The board of the Islands Trust Conservancy is legally independent from the Islands Trust Council. The land and money donated to the Islands Trust Conservancy is owned and managed by the land trust, not the regulatory body of the Islands Trust.
The Islands Trust Conservancy's operating expenses are paid for with tax revenue from the Islands Trust.  This means donations go directly to acquiring and protecting land. 

Our successes, your successes

Since 1990, we've protected more than 1,304 hectares. Some of our protected places include Medicine Beach (Pender Island), Mt. Trematon (Lasqueti Island), and Morrison Marsh (Denman Island).
This success is not ours alone. Thanks to the vision and generosity of our donors and partners, these special places in the islands will be protected forever. Whether you're a property owner, island conservancy member, or visitor to the region, you play a vital role in preserving these islands we love. 


Conservation Success Story: Steil's Woods Covenant

After more than 50 years immersed in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, Sara and Richard Steil enjoyed a quieter life surrounded by natural habitat they protected with a conservation covenant.

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