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Help guide the next ten years of management of Inner Island and Lindsay Dickson nature reserves on Denman Island!

The Islands Trust Conservancy’s primary goal is to protect and nurture the sensitive ecosystems and natural values on our nature reserves. The information and actions required to achieve this goal and guide the management of these lands are set out in a management plan that is updated every 10 years. We welcome community input on the next management plans for Inner Island and Lindsay Dickson Nature Reserves. Please share your thoughts on the protection and long-term management of these special places by taking the quick surveys below:

Inner Island Nature Reserve management planning survey

Inner Island Nature Reserve, established in 1994, is a 9.4-hectare nature reserve located within a vast network of parks and protected areas on north-central Denman Island.  Inner Island Nature Reserve is rich in habitat diversity, protecting a portion of Pickles Marsh, three creeks and associated wetlands, and mature and regenerating coastal Douglas-fir forests. This beaver-created wetland complex is a protective buffer for Pickles Marsh, which supplies Denman’s major salmon-bearing stream system. The rare ecosystems and soaring Douglas-fir trees can be enjoyed by the public from the Reserve’s single trail that runs through the northern portion of the reserve, south of Pickles Road, before connecting up with a broader trail network.

Inner Island Nature Reserve Management Plan Questionnaire

Lindsay Dickson Nature Reserve management planning survey

Lindsay Dickson Nature Reserve, established in 2001, is a 53-hectare forested property centrally located on the east coast of Denman Island between Graham Lake and Lambert Channel. The Reserve protects mature coastal Douglas-fir forest, including three hectares of untouched old-growth forest. More than 0.5 km of creek and wetland habitat add to the Reserve’s biodiversity. Recent inventories identified five rare species and four rare ecological communities within the Reserve. The Reserve’s shoreline presents a scenic vista of sandstone formations and pebble beaches, while upland trails provide pleasing walks under a multilayered forest canopy.

Lindsay Dickson Nature Reserve Management Plan Questionnaire

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