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Our donors are at the heart of conservation in the islands.  Thanks to their support, the Islands Trust Conservancy is protecting the natural beauty of these treasured coastal jewels. 

Every donor has a story to tell.  Conservation inspires us in different ways and there are many ways to contribute.  These are stories from just a few of our donors.  They have chosen to share their story in hopes that it inspires others to give to conservation. 

Learn more about how you can give a gift to conservation today or plan a gift for the future.

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Lois Kennedy (1)

Lois Kennedy

Lois Kennedy left a gift of securities to the Islands Trust Conservancy in her will.  In leaving the bequest, Lois tasked the Islands Trust Conservancy to use it wisely to purchase, enhance or maintain public conservation lands on Gambier. The Islands Trust Conservancy and the Gambier Island Conservancy will work together to develop the best strategy for using Lois' donation to protect the island she loved.
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Louise Bell (1)

Louise Bell

Louise Bell gives each year to conservation work close to home because she can see the impact her donation makes.  To mark her life milestones, her friends and colleagues have given gifts in tribute to the Islands Trust Conservancy - a cause close to her heart.  Louise believes tribute gifts are the best way to honour a person and the landscapes they love.
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William McDermott

William McDermott

At six years old, William McDermott is the youngest person to donate to the Islands Trust Conservancy.  William's gift came in the form of nickels, dimes and quarters.  But no matter the size, his gift helps protect the special island places where he plays, explores and learns to love and respect the natural world.
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John Osland (sm)

John Osland

John Osland gifted his land to the Islands Trust Conservancy in his will.  His bequest created a nature reserve with his passing - a lasting tribute to a life lived loving the natural delights of his land.  John hoped his land might give people an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.  He felt the human mind needed a connection to the earth.
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Ruby Alton (sm)

Ruby Alton

Born and raised on Salt Spring Island, Ruby Alton had an intimate relationship with the land, sea, and space in between.    Ruby bequeathed her cherished property to the Islands Trust Conservancy, along with a cash endowment to help care for the land.  This place may have sustained her in life, but in death, her gift will forever sustain the land.
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The following organizations have also been instrumental in helping us achieve conservation success:

SSIF Vancity Vancouver Foundation Victoria Foundation



Conservation Success Story: The Penns and the Wennanec Covenant

After protecting their property with a conservation covenant in 2008, sisters Briony and Caroline Penn have made the restoration of their Garry oak outcrop a family affair.

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