Lois Kennedy and friends, Gambier Island

Lois Kennedy

Lois Kennedy (2) Dr. Lois Kennedy was passionate about her island community on Gambier. After retiring from a career in environmental science in 1989, Lois and her husband moved to the island and immediately dove into community activities and issues. Lois' characteristic energy, passion and determination was a constant at most community meetings and events. Lois served as president of the Gambier Island Community Association, and was a founding Director of the Gambier Island Conservancy.
Lois believed strongly in island conservation. She joined other volunteers to assess and map the island's watersheds and streams through the local Streamkeeper's. She also led several initiatives to restore damaged island ecosystems and protect natural areas.
Sadly, Lois passed away in 2010. As a final contribution to her community and the island she loved, Lois left a gift of securities valued at $100,000 to the Islands Trust Conservancy in her will. In leaving the bequest, Lois tasked the Islands Trust Conservancy to use it wisely to purchase, enhance or maintain public conservation lands on
Gambier. The Islands Trust Conservancy and the Gambier Island Conservancy will work together to develop the best strategy for using Lois' donation to protect the island she loved.

"In a perfect world devastation would never occur. But even in our imperfect world, there are still success stories that are a testament to the powers of local environmental knowledge, determined community advocacy and stewardship… No one will ever hurt this wetland again. My heart sings." Lois writing about the Islands Trust Conservancy's Brigade Bay Nature Reserve on Gambier Island.
Gifts of bequests, securities, or life insurance proceeds are just some of the ways people who love the islands are creating conservation legacies for their communities. Through a planned gift, you can enjoy specific tax advantages that help you achieve your financial goals, while helping to shape the future of the islands. If you are considering a planned gift to the Islands Trust Conservancy, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your long term goals.

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