Louise Bell

Louise Bell (2) Louise Bell gives to land conservation because she believes it's an area that's neglected when it comes to charitable support. She's given her time, serving as a Islands Trust Conservancy board member for 10 years, helping to shape the future of land conservation in the islands. She's also given her own money, donating every year since 1999 to the Islands Trust Conservancy and other local organizations protecting ecosystems in the islands. "I choose conservation work close to home, as I know the organizations involved and can see the impact my donation makes, small as it may be."
When Louise retired from her role as a Denman Island trustee in 2011, trustees throughout the Islands Trust Area honoured her fifteen year career as a local politician with a donation to the Islands Trust Conservancy - a cause close to her heart. Pulling from their own pockets, the Trustees contributed a total of $1,500 to the Islands Trust Conservancy's Opportunity Fund. The donation will be used to support land acquisition campaigns in the islands. This contribution from the trustees was the second donation in Louise's name, as a similar donation was made several years ago, when she celebrated a special birthday with friends on Denman Island.

Louise was touched and honoured by the gift from her fellow trustees. "Certainly, as we age, we have fewer needs, and so this type of recognition works well for people of my age. If I had a message of any sort for others, I'd say save the wrapped pressies for the children, for whom opening a present is a special joy they shouldn't be denied, and honour the old folks by recognizing causes close to their hearts."

Gifts to the Islands Trust Conservancy help us protect the island landscapes close to many peoples' hearts. To give a gift of permanent land protection to someone you love, please donate to the Islands Trust Conservancy or your local island conservancy. In making the gift, please let us know the name and address of the person you're honouring, and we'll be sure to send them a card letting them know of your gift.

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