Ruby Alton

Ruby Alton (lg) Born and raised on Salt Spring Island, Ruby Alton had a deep understanding of the ways of the sea, the shore, her gardens and forest.  Growing up during the depression, Ruby relied on the gifts of the island for food.  That resourcefulness followed her through life and she became a source of immense knowledge to her younger neighbours.
When Ruby learned she was dying, her thoughts turned towards the future.  She had watched in sadness as farmland and forests were wiped out for fancy houses and asphalt.  Ruby, characteristic of her determined and plucky nature, set out to make a difference, even in her death.  She bequeathed her  
cherished property and a cash endowment to the Islands Trust Conservancy.  Her forest, gardens and
shoreline are now and forever protected as the Ruby Alton Nature Reserve.  This land may have sustained her in life, but in death, her gift will forever sustain the land.
A bequest is a gift to an organization made in a donor's will.  Such gifts can take many forms, including gifts of money, land, securities or personal property.  Ruby chose to give her land with an accompanying cash gift to ensure the Islands Trust Conservancy would have the resources necessary to manage her property in perpetuity.  If you care deeply for the islands, please consider making a bequest to the Islands Trust Conservancy.  Your gift will protect sensitive ecosystems long after you are gone - your legacy to the future.  Learn more
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