John Osland, donor of the John Osland Nature Reserve, Lasqueti Island
Lois Kennedy and friends, Gambier Island
Ruby Alton, donor of the Ruby Alton Nature Reserve, Salt Spring Island

Gift and Estate Planning

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By planning a deferred gift to the Islands Trust Conservancy, you can create a lasting conservation legacy.  Your donation can make a profound difference in the islands for generations to come.  A deferred gift can also provide considerable tax savings for you today or your estate in the future.

Exploring your giving options

Did you know that...

  • You can make a gift at no cost to you during your lifetime
  • You can turn small contributions today into an exponentially larger gift tomorrow
  • You can make a gift that reduces taxes on your estate, leaving more of an inheritance to your heirs
  • You can substantially reduce your capital gains taxes by giving a gift to nature

These giving techniques are called "planned gifts" as they require thoughtful, long term planning to create win-win solutions for you and the Islands Trust Conservancy.

   The 2015 Green Legacies: A Donor’s Guide for BC provides an overview of the options available to you. Green Legacies is a joint project of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia and Give Green Canada with lead funding by the Law Foundation of British Columbia. 

Will Bequests
Give a gift through your will to the Islands Trust Conservancy without affecting your cash-flow during your lifetime.

Life Insurance Gifts
Name the Islands Trust Conservancy as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy and reduce taxes for your estate.

Give the balance of your retirement plan without sacrificing your retirement income.  It's one of the easiest planned gifts you can make - simply name the Islands Trust Conservancy as a beneficiary.

Give Stocks and Other Investments
Giving appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds to the Islands Trust Conservancy is one of the most financially beneficial ways to give for you and your estate.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Open a charitable remainder trust with the Islands Trust Conservancy and provide yourself with ongoing income, immediate tax relief today, and make a significant commitment to conservation.

Real Estate Gifts
Protect your land as a nature reserve or allow your land to leverage the funds needed to protect endangered ecosystems in the islands by donating your property to the Islands Trust Conservancy.


Lois Kennedy (1)

Donor Story

Lois Kennedy was overjoyed when great acts of conservation were achieved.  She made a tremendous act of conservation of her own with a gift of securities to the Islands Trust Conservancy to be used to protect land on Gambier.  Read her story


Request More Information

Contact us and we can help you identify ways to give that meet your financial goals and vision for the future.

Carla Funk
A/Fundraising Specialist

We recommend anyone contemplating a planned gift talk with an independent financial advisor.  If your advisor is not familiar with an option we describe here, we would be happy to provide additional information to them. 


Let Us Know Your Plans

Have you already included the Islands Trust Conservancy in your estate plans?  Please let us know


Conservation Success Story: The Penns and the Wennanec Covenant

After protecting their property with a conservation covenant in 2008, sisters Briony and Caroline Penn have made the restoration of their Garry oak outcrop a family affair.

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