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Your support of the Islands Trust Conservancy's work puts you at the center of conservation projects happening on the islands.  You can make a lasting difference by helping us protect landscapes on Canada's islands in the Salish Sea.

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The Opportunity Fund - Supporting the region's most urgent projects

Your donation to the Opportunity Fund will help the Islands Trust Conservancy and our conservancy partners seize new opportunities to protect our most endangered island landscapes.  Donations to the Opportunity Fund have helped protect Brooks Point, Pender Island, and Blackburn Lake on Salt Spring Island. More opportunities to protect old-growth forests, diverse wetlands, species-at-risk habitat and wildlife corridors are coming to light every month.  We need your help replenishing the Opportunity Fund so we remain ready to jump on these rare chances when they do arrive.  Put yourself at the centre of our work by donating to the Opportunity Fund.  Let us help you stretch your dollars to the landscapes that matter most, to you and the islands.
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The Opportunity Fund provides financial support to timely opportunities to protect biodiversity in the Islands Trust area.  The Opportunity Fund has helped support these past successes:

Brooks Point  DL-57  Creekside
Brooks Point Galiano Restorative
Learning Centre
Creekside Rainforest




Conservation Success Story: The Penns and the Wennanec Covenant

After protecting their property with a conservation covenant in 2008, sisters Briony and Caroline Penn have made the restoration of their Garry oak outcrop a family affair.

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