Opportunity Fund Success Story - Galiano Restorative Learning Centre

In 2011, donations to the Opportunity Fund allowed the Islands Trust Conservancy to help the Galiano Conservancy Association in its race to purchase a 75-hectare waterfront property.  The property was listed for sale and if sold to a private landowner, would likely have been subdivided and developed.  The property neighboured the Trincomali Nature Sanctuary, acting as a vital buffer to the Sanctuary's cliffs and nesting bird populations.

An Opportunity Fund grant provided the Conservancy with the funds that were vital to launching the acquisition campaign.  On February 15, 2012 the Galiano Conservancy Association announced its purchase of the waterfront property.  By securing the property, the Conservancy now protects a forest containing endangered ecological communities and a magnificent sculpted sandstone foreshore.  The property will also act as a venue to expand the Conservancy's popular ecological education programs for children from Vancouver and Victoria.

"With this purchase, the Conservancy will be able to expand its single-day educational programs to multi-day adventures," said Ken Millard, Director of the Galiano Conservancy Association.  "Few urban children are exposed to wild environments and a single day on Galiano excites their love of learning and discovery."

To help us save island landscapes like this one, please donate to the Opportunity Fund today.  Your donation will allow us to respond quickly to projects in need.

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