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Protect my Land with a Conservation Covenant

Are you looking for more information about what process you would take to protect your land with our covenant program?
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Protect my land while selling it

Do you need to sell your land, but want the plants and animals to continue to have a home after you've moved away?
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Submit a Conservation Proposal to the Islands Trust Conservancy board

Would you like to protect your land with the Islands Trust Conservancy?  First you will need to submit a conservation proposal to the Board.
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Apply to the Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP) 

Protecting your land with a NAPTEP (Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program) conservation covenant gives you the opportunity to receive a 65% exemption on your property taxes each year.  NAPTEP makes conservation affordable in the islands.
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Apply for an Opportunity Fund grant

The Islands Trust Conservancy's Opportunity Fund gives grants to local conservancies working on land protection projects on islands in Canada's Salish Sea.
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Protect large bird nests on my land

Do you have an Eagle or Heron nest on your property?  There are steps you can take to share your land with these and other large birds.  
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Report people mistreating wildlife

Did you witness someone violating a fisheries, wildlife or environmental protection law?
Report a Poacher or Polluter

Contact my Local Trust Committee, an Island Planner, or Bylaw Officer

Are you trying to contact the Islands Trust about your community's bylaws or a planning application?
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