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Do you own an island property with natural features you'd like to protect?  Or are you a local conservancy helping an islander protect their land.  We might be able to help.

There are many benefits to involving the Islands Trust Conservancy in your efforts to protect your land.  We can offer ecosystem protection long into the future.  With a secure source of funding for our operational expenses, we are a stable organization.  We monitor each of our protected areas annually and are able to actively manage those ecosystems that need extra care.

Let's Talk

Your property is unique, and so is your vision to protect it for the future.  The first step to protecting the plants and animals on your land is to talk to us first.  Give us a call or email.  Describe your property and your hopes for its future.  We can walk through the options that may be available to you, whether you want to protect your land as a nature reserve, or retain ownership with a conservation covenant.   We can also give you a preliminary sense of whether your plans match the priorities of the Islands Trust Conservancy board - the authority which makes decisions regarding land acceptance for the Islands Trust Conservancy.

To speak with the Islands Trust Conservancy about your conservation plans, call us at 250.405.5186
Or toll free through the Service BC Contact Centre from:
  Vancouver: 604-660-2421
  Victoria: 250-387-6121

Or email us at:

Submit a Conservation Proposal

The Islands Trust Conservancy board decides which land protection projects the Islands Trust Conservancy will be involved in.  To have your idea considered by the board, download and complete a conservation proposal form.  You can submit your signed proposal for consideration by mail, fax or email.

Next Steps

After receiving your proposal, a staff member will follow up with you to arrange a time when they can visit the property with you and discuss our plans further.  Once a site visit is complete, the board will consider your proposal along with a staff report.  The Islands Trust Conservancy board meets every two months.  A staff member will follow up with your after the board meeting to discuss their decision and next steps.

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