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If you live or own property on an island in Canada's Salish Sea, you play a role in protecting the ecosystems and landscape around you.  The Islands Trust Conservancy is here to help you make a positive impact on conservation in your community.  Read on to discover ways you can become a part of your community's efforts to protect the land you love.


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ITC on Your Island

The Islands Trust Conservancy is a conservation land trust for Canada's islands in the Salish Sea.  We protect land entrusted to us as nature reserves or with conservation covenants.  Learn where we're working on your island.
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Protect your land

Protect Your Land

Create a conservation success story for your island.  You can protect natural ecosystems on your land for the species there today and for the generations that follow.  The Islands Trust Conservancy offers several options for land protection, varying in cost, tax benefits and degree of protection.  Please consider how you can join the growing community of island landowners building natural legacies for the future.
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Be an Ecosystem Steward

The native ecosystems on your land are your nearest neighbours.  The way you live on your land directly impacts the health of the species around you.  There are many ways you can care for island ecosystems.  Learn more about the steps you can take to steward the ecosystems on your land.
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Support your Local Land Trust / Conservancy

Your local island-based land trust or conservancy is at the heart of the conservation efforts on your island.  With the support of their community - people like you - these groups are leading children's outdoor programs, teaching landowners how to be better stewards, and leading the charge to protect some of the most loved places on the islands.  You can support your local land trust by donating directly to them, or donate to the Opportunity Fund and help the Islands Trust Conservancy support the most urgent local projects in the islands today.
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