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Development is the single largest threat to biodiversity in the islands. How our local governments manage development has a direct impact on the health of our region's ecosystems.  The Islands Trust Conservancy is committed to working with local trust committees, island municipalities and regional districts to integrate consideration for conservation into land use planning processes and policies in the islands.  If you're a member of a government whose jurisdiction includes the islands, please consider how your decisions can impact conservation efforts on your island, and how you can help leave a legacy of healthy ecosystems for future island generations. 

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Conservation Status in Your Local Trust Area

As of March 31, 2019, 17.93% of the Islands Trust Area is protected. Protected land includes parks, nature reserves, ecological reserves, watershed lands, heritage forests lands, Old Growth Management Areas, Coastal Douglas-fir Land Use Order lands and conservation covenants. Each local trust area and island municipality varies in their degree of protection.
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Sensitive Ecosystems and Land Use Planning

Some ecosystems in the islands are especially rare and fragile. Local governments can protect these ecosystems when making decisions about which land use activities are suitable in and around these spaces.
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Property Tax Incentives for Private Land Conservation

The Islands Trust Conservancy has partnered with the Islands Trust and regional districts to offer property owners in the islands an opportunity to lower their property taxes in exchange for permanently protecting natural areas.  The program has become a successful incentive for land conservation with minimal tax-shifting.
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Best Practices for Covenants

Covenants are used both by conservation agencies and local governments to protect ecologically significant private land.  The strength of a covenant is dependent on the content and how it is monitored and enforced after it is registered.  The Islands Trust Conservancy is encouraging local governments in the islands to follow best practices associated with the use of covenants.
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