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With calm waters, a gentle climate, and spectacular beauty, the more than 450 islands and islets in Canada's Salish Sea are a top destination for countless national and international tourists throughout the year.  What makes these islands so beautiful also makes them susceptible to trampling and overuse, and we run the risk of loving the natural ecosystems to death. 

If you're a visitor to the islands, or even an admirer from afar, you too can play a role in saving this landscape you've grown to love.  To start, please support the efforts of the Islands Trust Conservancy and its partners to protect island ecosystems.  We're working to permanently protect these landscapes for today and into the future.

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About the Islands

The islands in British Columbia's Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound, otherwise known as Canada's Salish Sea, are natural treasures.  Their beauty is renowned, and their ecological significance is well documented.  Naturally, people from around the world are drawn to the region, putting pressure on the rare species and fragile ecosystems that live here.  The time to protect this landscape for the future is now.
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Visiting our Protected Places

The Islands Trust Conservancy owns and manages nature reserves, permanently protected sanctuaries for endangered plants and animals in the islands.  Trails cross some of our nature reserves, offering visitors quiet places to reflect and appreciate the life and scenery of these islands. Please tread lightly when visiting these special places.
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Eco-Conscious Traveling

As a visitor here, you play a role in protecting this special place for future generations.  Whether you're camping, cruising, staying at a B&B, or day-tripping to the islands, you can help conserve ecosystems and play a role in keeping this place beautiful
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Support Island Conservation

The natural, rugged beauty that draws you to this region is under pressure.  Your support of the Islands Trust Conservancy and its partners helps protect this region for you and others to enjoy in the future.  Please play a role in conserving the forests, beaches, and mountains that draw you here.  Donate to the Opportunity Fund now and help support the most urgent projects were working on.
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