Bob and Fran Rose - Garry Oaks Covenant

Roses (2) Bob and Fran Rose bought property on North Pender Island in 1987. Their dream was to create a home for retirement. Before work was started on their house, Bob and Fran worked to create a sanctuary for native species on their property, pulling the scotch broom that had invaded the Garry oak meadow. Today, their dream has come true. From a happy retirement home perched on top of the hill, they can catch glimpses of the ocean beyond Hope Bay through the trees. The Roses are delighted by the camas, fairy-slippers, buttercups and blue-eyed Mary that carpet the meadow where the broom once stood.

In 2011, the Roses made a commitment to protecting the habitat on their land, donating a conservation covenant to the Islands Trust Conservancy and Pender Islands Conservancy Association. The terms of the covenant restrict future landowners from cutting native vegetation, and developing or subdividing the property. By donating the covenant to these conservation agencies, the Roses have protected the Garry oak meadow and surrounding forest on their property forever - a gift habitat for the future.

"We were inspired to protect our land by other families on Pender Island who've been doing the same," said Fran. "Realizing the development pressures that exist on the island, we're reassured that by registering the covenant we are protecting the natural habitat on our property from being broken up or built on in the future."

Island property owners who give a conservation covenant are donating a partial interest in their land to the Islands Trust Conservancy to be held in trust for the future. Like the tax benefits of a cash donation, some covenant donors are able to reduce their income tax based on the value of their covenant, as well as lower their property taxes. Learn more about the benefits of conservation covenants.


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