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North Pender Couple Protects Rare Ecosystems on Waterfront Property

North Pender Island, British Columbia, January 8, 2016 

North Pender Island, British Columbia, January 8, 2016 - Ann and Michael Philpot have permanently protected the natural ecosystems of their Wallace Point property through a conservation covenant with the Islands Trust Fund.

Wallace Point forms the southern tip of North Pender Island and contains sensitive ecosystems and shoreline habitat. Provincially blue-listed seaside juniper and Garry oak trees grow along the coastal bluffs. Old-growth Douglas-fir trees provide perching and nesting sites for Bald Eagles. Bull kelp beds surround the Point and provide habitat for fish and foraging grounds for raptors, river otter, and seals.

“As boaters, we first looked at the property from the water. The shelter of Peter Cove made Wallace Point an ideal home for us,” said Mr. Philpot. “In working with the Islands Trust Fund, we have learned more about the plants, animals and ecosystems of Wallace Point. We regularly see mink, otters, seals and birds. Knowing that Wallace Point will remain natural provides us solace that we have done our little bit to conserve this precious piece of property.”

The Wallace Point covenant is North Pender Island’s eighth Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP) covenant. With the addition of the Philpot’s 1.63 hectare covenant on Wallace Point, there are now 7.2 hectares of land protected by NAPTEP covenants on North Pender Island.

The NAPTEP program, administered by the Islands Trust Fund, gives the Philpots, as well as any future owners of the land, a 65 per cent reduction in property taxes on the covenanted portion of the property. The covenant restricts activities on the natural portion of the property, protecting the ecosystems and habitats on the land forever.

The Islands Trust Fund is a regional conservancy, preserving landscapes of Canada's islands in the Salish Sea. To learn more about how the Islands Trust Fund works with landowners to protect land and about the NAPTEP program, please contact the Islands Trust Fund at 250-405-5186, or visit


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Douglas-fir / Arbutus woodland and terrestrial herbaceous ecosystem and coastal bluff at Wallace Point.

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