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Read inspiring stories about how people are creating new protected places in the islands. Learn how the Islands Trust Conservancy (formerly the Islands Trust Fund and the Trust Fund Board) is working in your community protecting the land you love.

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Current Issue




The Heron, Spring 2021 (PDF)


  • Celebrating Sandy Beach on Lheḵ’tínes/Keats Island - 30 Nature Reserves in 30 years
  • Kate Emmings reflects on 14 years and what's next for the Islands Trust Conservancy team
  • The remarkable legacy of Sara Steil, Pender Island
  • Sharp-tailed Snake
  • Artist Eliot White-Hill Signage Project for S'ul-hween X'prey/Elder Cedar
  • Fire preparedness and forest stewardship essentials
  • Tender care for Trincomail - a story in photos


As of May 31, 2018 the Islands Trust Conservancy legally changed it's name through an amendment to the Islands Trust Act. All previous Heron's refer to the former name, the Islands Trust Fund and the Trust Fund Board.

The Heron, Fall 2020 (PDF)

Highlights: New Species at Risk Program; Climate Change Projections Report; Response to COVID-19; the Opportunity Fund; Linda Adams' Islands Trust journey.

The Heron, Autumn 2019 (PDF)

Highlights: Salish View Nature Reserve created; Reconciliation Declaration; New Conservation Covenants on Link Island and Valens Brook; Fairyslipper Forest Nature Reserve trail building; Land Management Plans approved; and a welcome to new Board Trustee Dr. Susan Hannon.

The Heron, Spring 2018 (PDF)

Highlights: Salish View Nature Reserve campaign; Settlement Lands Covenant on Denman Island; Fairyslipper Forest Nature Reserve on Thetis Island; Ecological Gifts Program; NAPTEP; Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery Conservation Covenant; Elder Cedar (S’ul-hween X’pey) Nature Reserve, Gabriola Island.

The Heron, Summer 2017 (PDF) 

Highlights: Moore Hill Nature Reserve; Isabella Point conservation covenant; caring for our shorelines; managing protected areas with partners; 100 Protected Places; Fairyslipper Forest campaign and managing protected areas with partners.

The Heron, Winter 2016-2017(PDF)

Highlights: Hornby Island conservation covenant; North Pender Island re-zoning results in nature protection; Fairyslipper Forest campaign-the final year; Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary interpretive panels; humpback comeback; and much more! 

The Heron, Winter 2015-2016 (PDF)

Highlights: Bats on Thetis Island; Pender Island Landowners protect Wallace Point through NAPTEP; Medicine Beach interpretive signs; humpback comeback; and much more! 

The Heron, Winter 2014-2015  (PDF)
Highlights: first community nature reserve on Thetis Island; Morrison Waxler Biodiversity Protection Legacy Fund; how we can help you protect your land; Islands Trust Area forests are significant carbon sinks; and much more! 

The Heron, Summer 2013 (PDF)

Highlights: new nature reserve on Galiano completes 500 hectare conservation area; call to action for Brooks Point; on the lookout for eelgrass meadows. 

The Heron, Winter 2013 (PDF)

Highlights: landowner donates nature reserve while retaining home through Section 99; Hornby Island's first NAPTEP covenant treads new path for working landscapes; islanders protect rare Nighthawk habitat; Metro Vancouver to consider NAPTEP for islands. 

The Heron, Spring 2012 (PDF)

Highlights: islander protects 64-hectare property with donation; help needed bringing tax exemption program to Bowen; your donations help save Galiano waterfront; North Pender restoration efforts rewarded with wildflowers; False Bay Elementary students restore protected area on Lasqueti. 

The Heron, Spring 2011 (PDF)

Highlights: a new conservation plan for the islands; one family's motivation to protect their land; new nature reserve protects a landscape that sparked a young girl's imagination; new tax exemption program on Lasqueti; donations to the Opportunity Fund support campaigns to protect three island properties. 

The Heron, Spring 2010 (PDF)

Highlights: 20 years of collaboration for island conservation; live auction raises thousands for island conservancies; Gabriola and Galiano landowners protect vital wildlife habitat; new tax exemption program on Denman and Hornby; subdividing for nature with Section 99.

The Heron, Fall 2009 (PDF)

Highlights: individuals making a difference through NAPTEP; staying true to Ruby's legacy; invitations to community open houses to review new ecosystem mapping; celebratign the new Mount Artaban Nature Reserve. 

The Heron, Winter 2009 (PDF)

Highlights: 15% of the Islands Trust Area now protected; watershed residents play important role in protecting nature sanctuary; crown land acquisition program permanently protects 107 hectares on Gambier Island; property tax exemption program expands to Gabriola and Thetis. 


Conservation Success Stories: The Kikuchis and Frog Song Forest

Arthur Kikuchi honoured his parents and his family's future generations by using his inheritance to purchase and protect a wetland and forest on North Pender Island.

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