Southern Strait of Georgia National Marine Conservation Area

NMCA - booth bay The strong tidal currents of the Southern Strait of Georgia create a nutrient-rich marine environment. Lush kelp forests and sea grass beds act as nurseries for a vast array of marine life, forming the base of a complex food web. That food web ends with our waters' largest mammals and our islands' meadows and forests.  Our biodiversity and ecosystem health depend on this inland sea.
The beauty of this region and its proximity to Vancouver also mean it's bustling with human activity. Keeping this marine environment healthy matters for everyone who lives in or visits our coastal communities. Parks Canada is working with the Province of BC to finalize plans for a new National Marine Conservation Area Reserve in the Southern Strait of Georgia. If planned properly, a National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) Reserve will help protect endangered species
and their habitats and sustainably manage the wide array of human uses that occur here - from fishing to shipping to whale watching and more.

The Islands Trust Conservancy is part of a network of non-profit organizations that want to make sure the finalized plans for the Southern Strait of Georgia NMCA Reserve achieve the best protection for our region, while making the most sense for the humans that live, work and play in this marine environment. 

For further information visit:

Parks Canada Southern Strait of Georgia Feasibility Study
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society 

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