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Planning for Conservation

The Islands Trust Conservancy's work is guided by the Regional Conservation Plan, a science-based and community informed plan that identifies, prioritizes and plans for the protection of the best of the islands' natural spaces. We develop conservation plans to focus our efforts and resources on what's most urgently in need of protection.




Islands Trust Conservancy Climate Projections Report

Islanders are increasingly seeing the impact of climate change in the Salish Sea. Islands Trust Conservancy is looking more closely at factors affecting the region.

Impact of Climate Change – in order to understand how to navigate and adapt to climate change, Islands Trust Conservancy is learning about its impacts in the Salish Sea. The following report was published May 26, 2020: Climate Change Projections for the Islands Trust Area (Pinna Sustainability Ltd., 2020)

Our 2018-2027 Biodiversity Priorities

We believe the biodiversity of the islands makes them beautiful. We're committed to protecting that diversity of life. To do this, we've prioritized the protection of these features:

  • Sensitive and rare ecosystems
  • Healthy forests
  • Species and ecosystems at risk
  • Marine shorelines and nearshore areas
  • Islets and small islands
  • Protected area size, corridors & connectivity

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Our 2018-2027 Goals

To achieve the most protection for our biodiversity priorities, we've set to work with our partners on the following goals:

  • Science-based conservation planning
  • Strong relationships with First Nations
  • Protection of core conservation areas
  • A strong voice for nature conservation

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Our Achievements

We're measuring our own successes and the combined successes of conservation efforts across the islands so we can adapt and respond to new conservation opportunities. Over the course of the Regional Conservation Plan, we'll reassess our priorities and goals to continue to move towards effective protection of the natural landscape of the islands.

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The History of the Regional Conservation Plan

In 2017, we reached out to experts, partners, the public and First Nations with interests in the land and waters in the Islands Trust area to develop a new ten-year Regional Conservation Plan to guide our work in conserving fragile island ecosystems.

The first Regional Conservation Plan was created in 2005 (2005-2010). The next Regional Conservation Plan spanned seven years (2011-2017) and identified seven goals and thirty objectives to guide the work of the Islands Trust Conservancy. You can read about our 2011-2017 accomplishments here.

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