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Conservation Planning - Our Achievements

To move towards the goals set in the Regional Conservation Plan (2018-2027), the Islands Trust Conservancy has developed a three-year work plan with measurable actions and will evaluate its progress in 2021.

To ensure the goals of the Regional Conservation Plan remain rooted in science, we developed a Securement Strategy 2017-2027 to identify land with high biodiversity values and to assist the Islands Trust Conservancy board in evaluating conservation opportunities.

In order to plan where we are going, we need to review where we have been. The previous Regional Conservation Plan identified seven goals and proposed thirty objectives to guide the work of the Islands Trust Conservancy over the course of the plan. Read about our accomplishments.

Habitat Protected So Far

Federal, provincial and regional governments, the Islands Trust Conservancy, and our island-based land trust partners are all working to permanently protect ecosystems in the islands. As of March 2020, 19.58% of the Islands Trust area was protected by public and non-profit conservation organizations. The Islands Trust Conservancy's protected areas account for 8.96% of the total protected land in the islands.

Curious how much of your island is protected? Learn more.

Local Trust Area / Island Municipality

Protected Area (ha)

% of Local
Trust Area protected

Ballenas-Winchelsea Islands 23.38 13.31
Bowen Island 1072.80 21.23
Denman Island 1241.25 24.09
Gabriola Island 705.78 12.13
Galiano Island 1448.73 24.01
Gambier Island 1605.90 16.54
Hornby Island 690.43 23.06
Lasqueti Island 884.94 12.02
Mayne Island 135.63 5.72
North Pender Island 1028.65 19.62
Salt Spring Island 4492.68 22.83
Saturna Island 1641.40 45.97
South Pender Island 293.89 32.16
Thetis Island 192.45 3.96


15,477.13 ha

19.58 %


Types of Protected Areas in the Islands



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