Protecting Private Land

The islands of the Salish Sea are in one of Canada's most sought-after regions to live, and most of the land is privately owned.  This makes landowners like you the primary caretakers of this region's unique and sensitive environment. 

We believe island communities need healthy ecosystems to survive.  We believe endangered species deserve protected homes.   And we believe the generations that follow us should have opportunities to witness the same beauty we see today.

There are a number of tools you can use to protect the land you love.  These options vary in cost, tax benefits, and degree of protection, but they will all help you ensure that the ecological values of your property are protected for years to come. The 2015 Green Legacies: A Donor’s Guide for BC provides an overview of the options available to you. Green Legacies is a joint project of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia and Give Green Canada with lead funding by the Law Foundation of British Columbia.

Please consider how you can join the growing community of island landowners who are building natural legacies for the future.

Ways to protect your private land


Donate a Nature Reserve

If your land has important ecological features, the Islands Trust Conservancy can protect that land as a nature reserve.  Gift your land or a portion of your land and create a legacy for your community.  We protect nature reserves in perpetuity, and care for their ecological health.
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Protect Ecosystems with a Conservation Covenant

A conservation covenant is a voluntary, legal agreement between you and a conservation organization.  A covenant protects natural features on your land not just while you own the land, but after the property is transferred to new owners.  Putting a covenant on your property allows you to permanently protect the land you love.
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Protect your Land and Save Money with NAPTEP

Protecting your land with a NAPTEP (Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program) conservation covenant gives you the opportunity to receive a 65% exemption on your property taxes each year.  NAPTEP makes conservation affordable in the islands.
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Care for Natural Features on your Land

You play an important role in the lives of the plants and animals sharing your property.  With careful planning, you can reduce the impact your daily activities have on the ecosystems on the islands.
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