Ways to Protect your Land: Caring for Natural Features

You are your land's greatest advocate.  By living on your land, you interact daily with the native plants and animals that seek sanctuary on your property.  There are many ways you can care for those natural features.  Only you can set stewardship in motion.

Sensitive Ecosystems

Care for Sensitive Ecosystems and Endangered Species

Canada's islands in the Salish Sea hold a rich diversity of ecosystems - some of the most endangered in British Columbia.  As a property owner, you can learn to recognize these sensitive ecosystems and take simple steps to ensure fragile plants survive and thrive in the future.  Learn more
Native Gardening

Garden with Native Species

Critical habitat is destroyed when we subdivide lots, develop houses, and expand our footprint on our surrounding landscape.  You can reverse that destruction.  Restore and enhance wildlife habitat and sensitive ecosystems in your outdoor living spaces with native species. Learn more

Conserve Scarce Water - Rainwater Harvesting

Fresh water is scarce in the islands.  And with most climate models predicting hotter, drier summers in southwestern B.C., we need to start getting creative with how we're going to meet our water needs without compromising the needs of nature.  The Islands Trust Conservancy has installed a rainwater harvesting system on one of our nature reserves, reducing our impact on the neighbourhood's water resources.  Let us show you how you can do the same.  Learn more

Protect against Invasive Species

Did you know that invasive species are considered to be one of the greatest threats to biodiversity world-wide?  Invasive species can out-compete a diversity of native species, taking over entire sections of your property.  Invasive species can have economic impacts on your communities, and pose threats to human and animal health.  You can play a part in stopping the spread of invasive species.  Learn more


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