Garden with Native Species

Celebrate the beauty of the islands by using native plants in your home garden. Many islanders want attractive, easy to maintain, drought tolerant gardens that attract birds and butterflies. The best plant choices for island gardens are often the native plants that thrive naturally in our region. A native plant garden reflects the natural richness and beauty of our unique region.

Why Garden with Native Plants?

The islands of the Salish Sea contain some of the rarest species and ecosystems in all of Canada. Our Garry Oak meadows and older Coastal Douglas-fir forests are now gone from over 95% of their former range. Invasive introduced plants escaping from gardens are quickly changing natural habitats for the worse. Using native plants in your landscape is part of the solution to habitat loss.

A changing climate and population growth are putting increased strain on scarce water resources. Because native plants have evolved in this dry coastal climate, they are adapted to summer drought and can reduce the need for watering. These plants will attract song birds and pollinating insects, creating important habitat right in your own backyard.

Native Gardening Guides

HAT Guide

Gardening with Native Plants (Habitat Acquisition Trust)

Visit Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) for native gardening tips, plant suggestions for your garden, information about native plant container gardening, and to download their Gardening with Native Plants guide.
Visit HAT
GOERT Handbook

The Garry Oak Gardener's Handbook (Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team)

For those who are fortunate to live amidst a Garry oak ecosystem, Garry oak meadows, woodlands, rock outcrops and container gardens make beautiful additions to any property.  Visit the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) and download a copy of the Garry Oak Gardener's Handbook to find tips on planning your native garden, acquiring plants, mulching, dealing with deer, and more.


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