Supporting Local Land Trusts

Island-based land trusts and conservancies are the heart of our islands' conservation communities.  Largely volunteer-driven, these groups are the people who are on-the-ground contacting landowners, running children's outdoor programs, and leading the charge to protect some of the most loved places on the islands.

The Islands Trust Conservancy's collaborates with these groups to protect island landscapes.  Our goal is to support and enhance the work of our conservation partners and the projects they're working on.  Please help us continue this support.  Donate to the Opportunity Fund to help island-based land trusts and conservancies seize new opportunities to protect our most endangered landscapes.

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Opportunity Fund Grants

The Islands Trust Conservancy's Opportunity Fund gives grants to local conservancies working on land protection projects on islands in Canada's Salish Sea.  Opportunity Fund grants typically support expenses associated with the acquisition of a nature reserve or conservation covenant.  Grants are typically between $500 and $5,000.  More information for grant seekers
Purchase Assistance

Land Purchase Assistance

The Islands Trust Conservancy works in partnership with island-based groups to protect properties with high ecological values when they are offered by a landowner as a conservation sale.  We can offer island-based conservancies assistance with fundraising, negotiations, and future property management.  We can also offer several conservation tools that might provide alternatives to land purchase.  More information for local land trusts and conservancies

Mapping Data for Local Land Trusts

The Islands Trust Conservancy is working with government partners to create the most comprehensive terrestrial and foreshore mapping for the island region.  This data is vital to conservation efforts - helping us work together to focus limited resources on the most rare and at-risk ecosystems in the islands.  More information for conservation organizations

Conservancy Networking and Training Assistance

We believe the health of our ecosystems is reliant on the strength of the local organizations at the heart of conservation efforts in the islands.  The Islands Trust Conservancy is working to support the organizational development of our local partners.  We're strengthening the islands' conservation community by providing funding for island-based land trusts to attend networking and training events.  More information for local land trusts


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