Land Purchase Assistance

If the opportunity to purchase an ecologically-significant property on your island exists, the Islands Trust Conservancy might be able to help. 
The Islands Trust Conservancy works with island-based land trusts to secure undeveloped properties with significant biodiversity values, including sensitive and at-risk ecosystems, and properties connecting and buffering existing protected areas.  Depending on the values of the property and the current capacity of the Islands Trust Conservancy, our staff may be able to help with:
       •   Writing funding proposals
       •   Assisting fundraising initiatives
       •   Providing limited legal assistance
       •   Assisting with front-end costs through the Opportunity Fund
       •   Planning for future property management and conservation covenants, and
       •   Holding land titles.

Generally, the Islands Trust Conservancy will only join an acquisition campaign if a local group exists and is willing to lead the initiative in their community.  The Islands Trust Conservancy can offer groups assistance reaching a broader audience and potential donors across the region.

Groups interested in asking the Islands Trust Conservancy for assistance in an acquisition campaign are asked to submit a proposal to the Islands Trust Conservancy board.   The following policies guide the Islands Trust Conservancy board in deciding which projects to invest limited resources in:
       •   Islands Trust Conservancy board Role in Partnership Acquisition Projects [PDF]
       •   Funds for Partnership Acquisition Projects [PDF]

The Islands Trust Conservancy board also relies on the priorities of its Regional Conservation Plan to guide its decisions.

If your land trust is interested in seeking ways it and the Islands Trust Conservancy might be able to work together on a conservation opportunity in your community, please contact our staff to discuss the details of your project.

Kate Emmings

(250) 405-5191

Page last updated: 08/01/21
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