Opportunity Fund Grants


Opportunity Fund grants provide funding to groups working on land protection projects in the Islands Trust Area. The Fund generally provides support for hard to fundraise costs associated with land protection or may be used to leverage increased donations to land acquisition projects. Grants are typically between $500 -$5,000.

Funding Guidelines

In general the Islands Trust Conservancy will consider the following types of requests:
          1.   Acquisition and covenant costs (baseline, survey, appraisal, legal, etc.)
          2.   Land purchase costs:
                a. In general, the Board will only support purchase of land at or below the appraised
                    value of the land.
                b. Funding support for land acquisition may be used to match designated
                    donations to the Islands Trust Conservancy for the project on a 1:1 ratio.
          3.   Other types of projects may also be considered at the Board's discretion

When evaluating requests the Islands Trust Conservancy will consider how the project meets the long-term conservation goals of the Regional Conservation Plan, and the urgency of the request.

Opportunity Fund grants will only be made to registered charities working in the Islands Trust Area to protect natural ecosystems and habitats.

For more information: Opportunity Fund Guidelines

Funding Exemptions

The Islands Trust Conservancy will not provide Opportunity Fund grants towards the purchase of properties involved in a development application.

Application Process

To apply for an Opportunity Fund grant, please submit letter outlining the following:
          •  Information on the organization making the request (budget,staff/volunteers, track record)
          •  Project history
          •  Project objectives
          •  Project partners
          •  Project timelines
          •  Project budget and revenues (committed and pending)
          •  Amount of request
          •  Which biodiversity priorities the project will benefit and how (identified in the 
            Islands Trust Conservancy board's Regional Conservation Plan)
          •  Project map (if applicable)

Photos should be included with the letter showing the ecological significance of the property.

Opportunity Fund applications may be submitted by email or by mail to:

Islands Trust Conservancy
200-1627 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8R 1H8

Application Deadlines

The Islands Trust Conservancy board will consider funding requests from partner agencies at the March/April and September/October board meetings. Requests should be received in writing at least three weeks before the meeting date. Requests of an urgent nature may be considered at other times during the year.  

Need more Information?

Please contact the Islands Trust Conservancy.


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