Conservancy Network and Training Assistance

The most successful land acquisition initiatives are the result of multi-organization collaborations. Our goal is to support and enhance the work of our local island-based partners to make sure our region has a strong system of conservation champions ready and able to respond to conservation opportunities as they arise.

When resources allows, the Islands Trust Conservancy provides funding and in-kind support to island-based land trusts engaging in:
       •   Networking opportunities with other land trusts, and
       •   Training opportunities

When allocating funds for conservancy networking and training assistance, the Islands Trust Conservancy favours events available to all or most land trusts in the Islands Trust area. 

Past support includes:

  • Registration subsidies for island-based land trusts attending Conservation Connection
  • Travel subsidies for island-based land trusts attending the Land Trust Alliance of B.C.'s Seminar Series Conferences and workshops
  • Funding for the Southern Gulf Islands Conservancy meetings

For more information about our conservancy network and training assistance program, or to learn if your land trust is eligible for support, please contact

Kate Emmings


Page last updated: 08/01/21
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