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Protected Places Map   

Protected Areas in the Islands

Select an island and take a tour of the ecosystems permanently protected by the Islands Trust Conservancy.

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Visiting our Protected Places

Some of our nature reserves offer opportunities for low-impact recreation, such as walking and nature viewing.

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Tree Planting   

Caring for our Protected Places

The Islands Trust Conservancy team actively manages our properties to ensure the natural values are protected in perpetuity.

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Sidney fenced area   

Conducting Research in our Protected Places

We're always interested in learning how we can improve our ecosystem management practices in protected areas.

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Protected Area Statistics

As of March 31, 2020, 19.58% of the Islands Trust Area is protected. Protected land includes parks, nature reserves, ecological reserves, watershed lands, heritage forests lands, Old Growth Management Areas, Coastal Douglas-fir Land Use Order lands and conservation covenants.

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