Caring for our Protected Places

We believe legally protecting land, either by acquiring or covenanting it, is only the first step in conservation.  The Islands Trust Conservancy promises to protect land entrusted to us in perpetuity. Part of that promise means ensuring the ecological integrity of the area protected is never lost.

Management of Nature Reserves and Sanctuaries

Tree Planting The Islands Trust Conservancy owns and manages more than 20 nature reserves and sanctuaries on islands throughout the Salish Sea. We develop management plans for each of our properties - work plans tailored to each site that strive to maintain or enhance the natural features special to the property. Our priority with each property is protection of the ecosystems and natural features. However, some properties are also managed for secondary purposes, such as low-impact recreation, scenic reviews, and gardens. Read our management plans

Our care for each property varies depending on the requirements of the site. Typical management activities we undertake include species at risk monitoring and protection, invasive species removal, and restoration of disturbed areas.  We build mutually beneficial partnerships with local island conservancies to help carry out most of our management activities. Have a look at some of the recent and ongoing management projects taking place in our protected areas. 

Monitoring of Conservation Covenants

Monitoring The Islands Trust Conservancy holds more than 60 conservation covenants, legal agreements protecting natural values on private land. We monitor each of our covenants annually to make sure the terms of the covenant which protect the natural values of the land are not broken. Following each monitoring visit, we generate a report documenting the condition of the natural values. We send a copy of that report to the landowner and keep the original in case we need to reference it later.


How to report abuse of a nature reserve or sanctuary

Our first priority is protecting in perpetuity the ecosystems of our nature reserves. Although some nature reserves are open to the public for low-impact recreation, such as hiking, walking or running, we ask anyone visiting our reserves to care for and respect the ecosystems by treading softly on the land.

We ask that you stay on the trails when walking in our nature reserves, and control pets from chasing or harassing wildlife. Nature reserves and sanctuaries are not open for camping, cycling or motorized vehicle use because many of the sensitive ecosystems we protect are especially sensitive to these activities. We also ask anyone visiting to refrain from picking native plants or collecting firewood.

If you witness an abuse of a nature reserve, please contact us. If you witness criminal activity in a nature reserve or sanctuary, please contact your local police or RCMP.

CSS - Rose

The Roses and the Garry Oak Covenant

After lovingly restoring the Garry oak meadow on their land, Bob and Fran Rose made a commitment to native species residing there, permanently protecting the habitat with a conservation covenant.

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