McIntyre Conservation Covenant


Betty McIntyre owned an undeveloped forested lot that had been in her family since the early 1900s.  Before passing her property along in her will, Betty wanted to make sure her forest would remain forever.  In 1999, she enlisted the help of the Islands Trust Conservancy and the Bowen Island Conservancy to protect her land with a conservation covenant.  Betty had the foresight to see that future owners might want to build a home.  So Betty covenanted 1.2 hectares of the forested lot, leaving a small building envelope for the future.

With Betty gone, a home now overlooks the protected forest of cedar and maple.  The lush understory includes mosses, ferns and mushrooms.  Although the property no longer remains with her family, the forest that her family stewarded for close to a century remains.

CSS - Steil

The Steils and the Steil's Woods Covenant

After more than 50 years immersed in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, Sara and Richard Steil enjoyed a quieter life surrounded by natural habitat they protected with a conservation covenant.

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