Deep Ridge Nature Reserve


Deep Ridge Nature Reserve protects a 14 hectare strip of forested ridge above Cusheon Creek Valley.  The reserve borders the Peter Arnell Community Park, providing a natural buffer to the recreational area, and a wildlife corridor between the park and Captain Passage.  Although logged in the distant past, Deep Ridge Nature Reserve's forests are maturing into an older forest ecosystem, with older trees, standing dead trees (snags), and canopy gaps allowing a diversity of early and late successional species to grow.  The reserve's snags offer perches for birds of prey, foraging habitat for woodpeckers, and nesting habitat for several other bird species.  

Jonathon and Evelyn Oldroyd and Robert and Rosemary Trump donated the reserve to the Islands Trust Conservancy in 1992, with the hope that the ridge and its forest would be protected forever.


Some of the easily accessible trees in Deep Ridge Nature Reserve were logged in the late 1800s and mid 1900s. 

The land that would one day become Deep Ridge Nature Reserve was once part of a larger property.  Jonathon and Evelyn Oldroyd and Robert and Rosemary Trump purchased the property, always with the intent to subdivide the ridge and protect it as a buffer to the Peter Arnell Park.  In 1992 their dream came true.  Deep Ridge was permanently protected, creating a wildlife corridor between the park and the sea.


Like its name describes, Deep Ridge Nature Reserve protects a ridge with steep embankments that continue until the land drops down to the sea.  Human use of the reserve, even light walking, could erode and destroy the steep banks and the vegetation growing precariously on the reserve.  Therefore, we ask visitors to refrain from venturing into this nature reserve and instead use nearby Peter Arnell Park for walking and nature appreciation. 


The Province of British Columbia holds a conservation covenant on the Deep Ridge Nature Reserve in order to provide an additional layer of protection for the property. 

Deep Ridge Nature Reserve is monitored annually by the Islands Trust Conservancy.  The reserve acts as a natural buffer between residential properties and the Peter Arnell Park.  Therefore, the Islands Trust Conservancy's management priority for the reserve is primarily to leave the site be, letting the protected area mature into a biodiverse old-growth forest for the future.  The management plan for Deep Ridge Nature Reserve can be viewed here.

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