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Visiting our Protected Places

Ecosystem protection is our top priority

Moss - close up The Islands Trust Conservancy manages more than 25 nature reserves on the islands of the Salish Sea.  Our priority for those sites is to protect their sensitive ecosystems, natural processes and scenic beauty.  Our intent is to retain the natural character of our nature reserves by limiting human impacts.

Please reduce your impact

Child's footsteps Where trails exist, they tend to be footpaths.  Please remain on the trails to reduce damaging vegetation.  We ask visitors to refrain from camping, cycling or using motorized vehicles.  Pets must be controlled to reduce impacts to wildlife.  Please only take photographs and memories, and leave only footprints.

Closed areas protect sensitive areas

Sidney fenced area

Some sections of nature reserves are especially sensitive to trampling and disturbance, such as bird breeding sites or delicate rocky outcrops with native flowers.  Please respect signs or fences that close these areas.  Looking from a distance helps us maintain these ecosystems for the future.



Arthur Kikuchi honoured his parents and his family's future generations by using his inheritance to purchase and protect a wetland and forest on North Pender Island.

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