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The Islands Trust Conservancy is the conservation land trust for Canada's islands in the Salish Sea. We protect natural landscapes as nature reserves and empower property owners to protect private land through innovative programs. We all have a role to play in preserving the rare and beautiful ecosystems of the Islands. The Islands Trust Conservancy is working with you - island landowners, visitors, conservancies and government to preserve the island landscapes you love.


Our Story


Our Vision 

ITC is a conservation land trust helping people like you protect one of Canada's most endangered landscapes.   ITC sees a future where vibrant native ecosystems flourish alongside healthy island communities. And we have a plan to get there.

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Our Staff and Board



Meet the ITC team - a group dedicated to helping you achieve your conservation goals.   Keep up-to-date with board's decisions regarding our conservation proposals, plans and finances

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Our Publications


Our Partners

Read about the most recent places protected, and what your support can help achieve. Also view our tips and advice on how you can protect your land.   ITC is pulling together local, regional and national conservation groups to make sure endangered ecosystems get the best chance at survival.

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Meet our partners

Our Financials


Join Our Team 

ITC is responsible for raising the money needed to protect each new property. We take our accountability to our donors seriously.    Contribute your time to protecting island landscapes. Keep up-to-date with opportunities to join the ITC staff or board.

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Find answers to your most common questions about the Islands Trust Conservancy and how you can protect the land you love.


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Conservation Success Story: Steil's Woods Covenant

After more than 50 years immersed in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, Sara and Richard Steil enjoyed a quieter life surrounded by natural habitat they protected with a conservation covenant.

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