A gift of land will benefit your island community for generations to come

Gifts of Real Estate

The land you've cared for all your life may be your legacy in more ways than one.  Your gift of real estate to the Islands Trust Conservancy could permanently protect endangered island ecosystems.  By donating your property to the Islands Trust Conservancy you or your estate can receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes for the fair market value of the property that can be carried over for five years, and eliminate the capital gains tax that would otherwise be owed.

You can give the gift of real estate during your lifetime, or after you're gone through your will.  You don't have to own land worthy of protection to make this type of gift to the Islands Trust Conservancy - there are many ways to protect the most spectacular landscapes in the islands with a gift of real estate.

Give Land You Would Like to See Permanently Protected

You've cared for the land during your lifetime.  We can care for it after you're gone.  Donors have gifted undeveloped, natural properties to the Islands Trust Conservancy, creating nature reserves and nature sanctuaries scattered throughout the islands.  Those donors have entrusted the Islands Trust Conservancy with the land they love, and we take our commitment to that trust seriously.  The Islands Trust Conservancy further protects each property gifted to us with a conservation covenant with a third party, ensuring that more than one conservation agency will watch over the land in perpetuity.  We also develop and implement management plans for each of our properties to make sure the special features protected are managed to be here long into the future.

Give Land to Trade for Ecological Land

You might not own undeveloped, natural land ideal for a nature reserve, but you can still create a legacy of ecologically protected land with a gift of real estate.  Donors can gift homes or condominiums to the Islands Trust Conservancy, permitting us to sell the real estate in order to leverage funds to acquire ecologically-rich land for protection.  A donor of non-ecologically sensitive real estate will receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes for the fair market value of the property.  By donating your real estate, you'd have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will protect ecologically sensitive land in the islands.

Give a Retained Life Estate

A retained life estate is an attractive option for donating real estate.  This type of donation allows you to give your home to the Islands Trust Conservancy while retaining the right to live there for the rest of your life.  By gifting a retained life estate, you would immediately receive an tax receipt for income tax purposes based on the appraised value of your home minus the present value of the life tenancy you retain by continuing to live there.  Once you were no longer living on the property, the home would transfer to the Islands Trust Conservancy, allowing the Islands Trust Conservancy to sell the property and use the funds generated from the sale to purchase and protect ecologically sensitive land in the islands. 
During the term of the life estate, you would continue to be responsible for the property's taxes, structural maintenance, insurance and upkeep.  A life estate may or may not involve certain restrictions on the use of the property, depending on your particular circumstances.

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We recommend anyone contemplating a planned gift talk with an independent financial advisor.  If your advisor is not familiar with an option we describe here, we would be happy to provide additional information to them.

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