Save Salish View

We met our goal of raising $250,000 by December 21,2018!

Who: The Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy (LINC) and the Islands Trust Conservancy.

What: Raising $250,000 to acquire 11.6 hectares (28 acres) of 20 meter-high bluffs, deep narrow valleys, old-growth forest and open moss-covered balds in the endangered Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem.

When: Raise the full purchase amount by December 21, 2018.

Why: Once protected, this special place will preserve old growth Douglas-fir forest, moss covered rocky outcrops, and connect to the existing Squitty Bay Provincial Park. Salish View has significant watershed values and contains sensitive Douglas-fir / Arbutus woodland which is considered to be endangered or threatened in British Columbia. By protecting the property as a nature reserve, Salish View can mature into an old growth forest and visitors will be able to enjoy the property’s hiking trail, old growth trees and the amazing view.

Where: Lasqueti Island is an island off the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Strait of Georgia, Powell River Regional District, British Columbia, Canada and is home to about 425 year-round residents.



Kate Emmings, a/Manager
Islands Trust Conservancy

Gordon Scott, President
Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy


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