Caring for our Shorelines

The life within the blue-gray waters of the Salish Sea sustains and supports the biodiversity and culture of the islands we love. The famous Fraser River salmon travel the current-swept passages between our islands.  Bright orange and purple sea stars, clams, and crabs thrive just below the surface. Forests of bull kelp and eelgrass beds blanket the sea bottom. The antics of orca and humpback whales, and Pacific white-sided dolphins at the waters' surface open a window to a curious world below. 

Here at the Islands Trust Conservancy, we are working to find a way to protect the Salish Sea. We are focusing on the interface between our terrestrial and marine worlds, where some of the most important marine ecosystems live and where we, as humans, have the most impact. This place - the shoreline and foreshore habitat - is where conservation of our ocean starts

Nearshore Habitats

beaches (sm) forage (sm) kelp (sm)
 Beaches and bluffs Forage fish habitat Kelp and eelgrass beds
riparian (sm) juvenile (sm) Rockfish SM 
Marine riparian vegetation Juvenile salmon nearshore habitat Rockfish habitat 


Current Marine Conservation Initiatives

Eelgrass mapping

Eelgrass Mapping

Eelgrass provides nearshore shelter and feeding grounds critical to birds, mammals, invertebrates and fish. They are the nurseries of marine food chains.  We are mapping eelgrass in the islands to determine how we can best protect and restore these valuable habitats.
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Forage fish surveys

Forage Fish Habitat Assessments

Forage fish are small schooling fish that form the cornerstone of the marine food web.  These species need sand and pebble beaches to spawn. We're mapping areas in the islands suitable for forage fish spawning as a first step in our effort to better protect this resource.
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NMCA map

Supporting the proposed Southern Strait of Georgia NMCA Reserve

The governments of Canada and British Columbia have taken significant steps towards greater protection of the Salish Sea with the proposed creation of the Southern Strait of Georgia National Marine Conservation Area Reserve. Join the Islands Trust Conservancy in encouraging these governments to plan the reserve properly, so that endangered species receive the best protection possible.
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Interested in becoming involved with marine conservation?

The following links and reports provide information, tips and other marine conservation initiatives for anyone interested in learning more or becoming involved with marine conservation in the Salish Sea.

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