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Islands Trust Conservancy board Land Securement Strategy

In November, 2010, the Islands Trust Conservancy board approved a Regional Conservation Plan that included an objective for the development of a strategic plan for securement of land with high biodiversity values.  The Islands Trust Conservancy board Land Securement Strategy 2017-2027 (Securement Strategy), approved in February 2017, is intended to meet this objective. The Securement Strategy acknowledges a sincere intention to improve relationships with First Nations and outlines strategies to demonstrate this intention.  The Securement Strategy also identifies a land securement process and methods for assessing the viability of land securement. 

The following land securement strategies were identified for implementation over the next 10 years:

  1. Robust Science: Robust science will be used to identify priority conservation areas across the Islands Trust landscape.
  2. Property Evaluation: Securement opportunities will be assessed through site visits and parcel- specific information gathering.
  3. Working with Partners: Parks and land trust partners will play key roles in land securement. The Trust Conservancy Board will work with partners where they exist to secure conservation lands and to build securement capacity through shared learning, fund building and development of shared resources. 
  4. Working with the Islands Trust: The Islands Trust Conservancy board will work with other Islands Trust entities on land securement related to development processes. The Islands Trust Conservancy board will work with local trust committees on a case by case basis to share information on conservation priorities.
  5. Working with First Nations: The Islands Trust Conservancy board will respectfully engage with First Nations in conversations about securement where archaeological and cultural sites exist and will endeavour to provide access to Islands Trust Conservancy board  lands for traditional practices.Landowner Outreach: The Islands Trust Conservancy board will establish a landowner outreach program to assist in the securement of conservation lands.  Partners will be consulted and included in outreach where appropriate.
  6. Property Management: The Islands Trust Conservancy board will work with the Islands Trust Council to maintain a sufficient budget to manage its nature reserves and conservation covenants and will build dedicated funds to ensure that it meets its responsibilities in the event of budget shortfalls. 
  7. Celebrating Success: The Islands Trust Conservancy board will celebrate its success with landowners and partners and will share its successes with others.
  8. Legacy Gifts: The Islands Trust Conservancy board will build a program for legacy gifts with professionals and landowners.  It will maintain good donor records and relationships.

The Securement Strategy is a ten year strategy.  In light of the development of a new Regional Conservation Strategy in 2017, the Islands Trust Conservancy board will revisit the Securement Strategy in the next two years and update it as needed to bring it into alignment with the Regional Conservation Plan.

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