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Conservation Planning - Our Goals

These long-term goals guide the decisions of the Islands Trust Conservancy board, and the strategies and work of the Islands Trust Conservancy.

Core areas

Science-based conservation planning

Goal 1: Identify, investigate and communicate about important natural areas to generate action on conservation projects.

Strong relationships with First Nations

Goal 2: Strengthen relationships with First Nations to identify and collaborate on shared conservation goals.

Protection of core conservation areas

Goal 3: Continue to secure and manage Islands Trust Conservancy board lands and conservation covenants to maximize ecological integrity.

A strong voice for nature conservation

Goal 4: Continue to build internal and shared organizational strength and resilience to ensure long term nature conservation in the Islands Trust area.

These broad goals will guide Islands Trust Conservancy and our partners as we stay on course to protect the best of what is left in our region. View the entire 2018-2027 Regional Conservation Plan here.

Page last updated: 24/05/19
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