McRae NAPTEP Covenant


Stanley and Maxine McRae's undeveloped property on Gabriola holds a rocky meadow where lichens, herbs and moss creep along shallow soils.  Camas, fairy-slipper orchids and shootingstar bloom in the spring, while vernal pools and seepages create a diverse home for a variety of species.  One of the McRae's favourite things about the property is the abundance of wildlife they see every time they walk through.

Stanley and Maxine wanted to make sure their property remained a safe place for wildlife, especially as Gabriola's population grows and development encroaches on the island's remaining natural areas.  So in 2010, the McRae's protected their property with a conservation covenant, permanently protecting its natural features. Leaving a small section of the property outside the covenant, the McRae's not only provided the gift of a protected area to their community, but a beautifully natural backdrop of meadow and forest for a family who might one day build a home on the property. 

The seven hectare (18 acre) covenant area was donated through the Natural Area Protection Tax Exemption Program.

CSS - Steil

The Steils and the Steil's Woods Covenant

After more than 50 years immersed in the hustle and bustle of the lower mainland, Sara and Richard Steil enjoyed a quieter life surrounded by natural habitat they protected with a conservation covenant.

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