Mt Trematon Nature Reserve


The Gordon family donated this 58 hectare nature reserve in 2005 to make sure future generations could always enjoy the splendour and delight found on Lasqueti Island's highest peak.  With an elevation of 327 meters (1073 feet), Mount Trematon offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the Strait of Georgia, Quadra and Cortez Islands, Mt. Baker in Washington State, and Mt. Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island. 

Mount Trematon Nature Reserve protects undisturbed stands of old-growth forest, with majestic Douglas-firs that are up to 500 years old.  The property serves as a natural bridge between a protected ecological reserve to the south, and vast expanses of undeveloped Crown land to the north. 

The Mount Trematon summit offers a unique growing environment for a diverse range of lichen and spring-flowering plant.  Near the summit, biologists have discovered one of B.C.'s three known populations of hairy gumweed, designated as endangered in the province.


The Mount Trematon property was primarily used for logging since the time of European settlement; the last cut was in the late 1980s.  Although only 10 to 15 hectares of the original old-growth forest remains, most of the logged areas are regenerating.

Alasdair and Nancy Gordon purchased the property in the early 2000s when it unexpectedly came up for sale due to a bankruptcy.  The previous owner had plans of building on the property, but the couple and their family had a different goal.  Alasdair was in love with the wild nature of Lasqueti.  The Gordon's wanted to protect the challenge and beauty that hikers experienced ascending the summit of Mount Trematon.  In 2005, the Gordon family donated Mount Trematon to the Islands Trust Conservancy to preserve this wild place forever as a nature reserve.


The summit of Mount Trematon is a popular hiking destination for the Lasqueti community.  Many of the trails leading to the summit and onto adjacent Crown land are unmarked, hazardous, and should only be used by hikers with back-country experience.  Please obtain permission from landowners if accessing the reserve across private land.  Camping and fires are not permitted on the reserve and put the Lasqueti community at risk, especially during dry summer months. 

To preserve rare plants like the hairy gumweed, please stay on established trails and refrain from climbing the cliffs at the summit.


The Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy and the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust hold a conservation covenant on the Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve.

Some sections of the reserve's forests have struggled to regenerate because feral sheep browse on the seedlings.  The Islands Trust Conservancy is helping restore this ecosystem by planting and caging seedlings of various tree species to protect the new trees from browsing.  Students from nearby False Bay Elementary are helping with the project.  So far, more than 200 trees have been planted and protected. 

The Islands Trust Conservancy is also monitoring the mountain's population of hairy gumweed to keep tabs on the changing management needs of the endangered species.  The management plan for Mount Trematon Nature Reserve can be viewed here.

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